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  Cel-Fi GO

Cel-Fi go for 3G & 4g

Introducing Australia's first carrier approved in-vehicle repeater

Cel-Fi GO provides 3G and 4G signal boosting capabilities for use in vehicles, transport and custom building applications.



            Boosts Telstra's 3G850, 4G700/1800 bands (one at a time)
            Made for vehicle, marine, caravan and transport applications
            Fast tower switching
            100dB of system gain (latest software update required using
                WAVE App)
            Includes external and internal antennas
            Band Selection Button
            Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers

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            Boosts Telstra's 3G850, 4G700/1800 bands (one at a time)
            For building applications
            100dB of system gain
            Up to 900m² indoor coverage area
            Includes external and internal antennas
            Band Selection Button
            Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers

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Designed for those on the GO



Testing Different Antennas With Cel-Fi GO
During our GO testing we tested several different antenna types to see the effect this had on the boost and the final signal strength on the phone.

Installing GO in a Car
This article explains how to install Cel-Fi GO in a car, different setups and what performance you can expect.

The Cel-Fi GO Booster Models
If you are wondering why the Cel-Fi GO comes in two flavours, a ‘Stationary’ & ‘Mobile’ version, then this is the article you need to read.

Cel-Fi WAVE App
Cel-Fi WAVE offers a window into what is happening within the heart of a Cel-Fi smart booster. It also enables you to control certain features of the unit.

Cel-Fi GO – LED Indicators Explained
As Cel-Fi GO is only able to boost one frequency band at a time, a way of indicating and switching between frequency bands was developed by using a button. The button enables the selection of 3G, 4G/4GX or AUTO (band with strongest signal). An LED indicator displays which band GO is currently boosting.

Unboxing the Cel-Fi GO for boosting mobile phone signal in a car
Today we decided to unbox the Cel-Fi GO Mobile Version, the new repeater for boosting a mobile signal in a car.



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