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  How does Cel-Fi compare to the competition

Cel-Fi - How Does It Compare to Illegal Boosters & Repeaters

Cel-Fi was created out of frustration of the lack of indoor coverage of mobile networks. It was also created for carrier networks and as a result over 150 service providers have approved it.

Plenty of indoor solutions and products existed, but as their numbers increased it became clear to Operators worldwide that their usefulness was limited and they were actually harming network capacity and profit.

We realized that a completely new type of product would be needed, and we decided to build a booster from the ground up with none of the potential for degrading the wireless network for which other repeater designs are infamous.

The result? A new category of booster called a Smart Repeater - all-digital, packed with high technology - a booster than provides 1,000 times more gain than its competitors: 100dB compared to 70dB for the best analog boosters.

1000 Times More Gain Than The Competition

1,000 times the gain of traditional analog repeaters was achieved thanks to Cel-Fi all digital architecture.

The illegal analog repeaters being sold on the internet in Australia are under 55dB - compared to Cel-Fi's 100dB gain. The 45dB gain difference corresponds to over 1,000 times higher gain from Cel-Fi. All this gain is obtained from Cel-Fi digital core: since Cel-Fi reconstructs the signal obtained by the Window Unit, it is able to rebroadcast a clean signal, as if it was coming from the Operator carrier, at full power.

Why is this so important?

System gain is critical to a repeaters’s performance because it tells us how much a signal may be improved and how beneficial the boosted signal can be. For example, if you have a low level signal such as -90 dBm, adding 100 dB of System Gain gives +10 dBm, which can cover a large area. In contrast adding only 70 dB of gain would only give -20 dBm of signal per carrier which would only cover a much smaller space. Therefore a booster with a gain of 70 dB would need a very strong donor signal to be of much use, regardless of the stated transmit power.

In other words, the higher the gain of the repeater, the better it will work, even when far away from a base station. Even with only one bar of signal at the Window Unit, Cel-Fi will provide a full five bars of signal. For the same 5 bars to be provided by a conventional signal repeater, the original signal from the repeater's outdoor antenna would have to be -60dB - so high in fact that a repeater would not be necessary in the first place.

This is the reason why Cel-Fi can be installed in five minutes: the system gain from Cel-Fi digital core is so high that Cel-Fi provides full strength Operator signal while its Window Unit stays indoor.

Carrier Approved


Cel-Fi has been tested and approved for use on the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile networks. It is the only consumer repeater to have received blanket approval in Australia. Carriers get very upset when they find customers with unapproved repeaters and they usually result in large fines from the authourites.

Simple 5 Minute Installation

Unlike other mobiel phone repeaters Cel-Fi can be setup by the end user in minutes. It most installations the use of external antennas and running cables is not needed. Just connect the two boxes to power, move them to the best position in the house and you now have great coverage.




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