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The output power on the GO is directly related to the 'Boost' figure in the WAVE App.

Open the WAVE App on your phone and check the 'Boost' number.

Make sure you have between 7 and 9 of boost on the indicator in a building, or 6 to 9 in a vehicle. The higher the better.


The system works at optimal boost, and has the largest coverage area, when the antennas are isolated from each other as much as possible.

The further you move them apart the larger the boost applied to the signal and the larger the coverage area and higher the bars on your phone will generally be. Also use solid objects such as a roof or walls to help with isolation.

The boost is represented by a 0-9 indicator in the WAVE App, with 9 being the highest.


Vehicle setup
Position Indoor Antenna

As I mentioned 100 times before Isolating the antennas from each other is the key, this is more important in vehicles where antenna seperation is only a few metres.

The setup below in my virtual girlfriend's car is with the external antenna in the centre of the roof and the indoor antenna is moved around in different positions so you can see the Boost figure in red.

The dB figure represents the boosted signal on the phone (-63dB was the best signal and -92 the worse). You will notice the higher the boost number, the better the signal level.

It also resulted in the signal spreading further..

For further information on setting GO up in a car visit our blog post Installing GO in a Car



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