Cel-Fi GO Stationary – Directing Mobile Signal

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We recently worked with a reseller who needed to boost a non-existent mobile signal in a client home. Whilst the client did not have any signal around their house due to its position in a valley, there was signal on a hill close by. The solution was put together by Powertec engineers.

A solar powered installation was constructed on the hill with a Cel-Fi GO positioned within the box.  The panel antenna pushed the signal from the hill to the house.  The result was a usable mobile coverage signal for a delighted client.

This type of set up can send the mobile signal 100m typically (from installation site to destination house) but we do have distances of between 300 – 400m being reported by our resellers for similar applications.

Whilst this situation is not suitable for many people, there will be a niche group who will be able to achieve mobile coverage via this method.

For information of a local reseller who can consult in your situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  http://cel-fi.com.au/info/

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